Tadao M7 Ego 07 / 08 Board


The Tadao Ego 7 / 08 board is a drop-in upgrade for any Planet Eclipse Ego 7 / Ego 8 marker. The circuit board is the most important part of any electronic paintball marker, and upgrading it can potentially change all the performance characteristics.

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The Tadao Ego 07/08
board is a drop-in upgrade for any Planet Eclipse Ego 07 or 08 marker. 
The circuit board is the most important part of any electronic
paintball marker, and upgrading it can enhance all the performance
characteristics.  Tadao’s leading edge Musashi 7 software provides the
user witht he ultimate in adjustability and speed.
One of the major
features of the Tadao Ego 07/08 board is its use of a normal lever
action trigger switch.  Unlike an optical trigger sensor, it provides a
tactile feel for when the trigger is actually going to fire the marker.
Instead of an LCD
screen the Tadao Ego 07/08 board uses an ultra-bright 7 color LED.  The
LED shows everything from breech status to settings within the
programming mode, and is easily visible in broad daylight.
The Draxxus Pulse
loader RF transmitter is fully supported, and every board comes with a
plug-and-play wiring harness for easy installation without soldering,
plus a hard mounting point so you can put the transmitter directly on
the board.


  • Fully legal in the NPPL, PSP, and Millennium tournament series
  • 12 modes of fire
    • Unlimited semi-automatic
    • Adjustable semi-automatic
    • PSP auto-response
    • PSP 50% ramping
    • PSP 100% ramping
    • PSP 3 round burst
    • NXL full-automatic
    • Auto-response
    • 50% ramping
    • Millennium 100% ramping
    • 3 round burst
    • Full-automatic
  • More than 1 billion unique ways to adjust settings
  • Asynchronously monitors the trigger switch, using an interrupt
    based scan at 2 million times per second for the quickest response time
    and fastest semi-automatic
  • Rate of fire adjustable from 14 to unlimited bps in 0.25 bps increments
  • Adjustable ABS programming eliminates first shot drop-off
  • AMB (anti-mechanical bounce) and CPF (cycle percentage filter)
    algorithms help to prevent mechanical and switch bounce without missing
    real trigger pulls
  • G-mode setting allows 3 different options for every firemode, giving 36 different “breakout” style modes
  • 7 color LED provides an easy to use programming mode without
    opening the grips, which allows changes to nearly any variable,
    including debounce, dwell, loader delay, AMB, anti-bolt stick, fire
    mode, max rate of fire, eye mode, CPF, G-mode breakout, ramp start
    activation, and more
  • All settings are stored in non-volatile memory so they are not lost when the battery is disconnected
  • Power efficient software and hardware lengthen battery life
  • Automatic 15 minute idle power down saves batteries
  • One-touch startup enables the marker to fire almost instantly
  • Low battery indicator hardware and software shows battery level each time the marker is turned on
  • Uses spring battery contacts so there’s no wiring harness to break or wear out
  • Super light 80 gram trigger microswitch

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