Tacamo Type 68 Paintball Gun – w Wood Buttstock

Tacamo Type 68 D Paintball Gun

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The Type-68 paintball marker was designed as a training tool for military forces in China. It is also manufactured at a registered weapons factory in the PRC using actual production parts where possible.

It is the same length, size, and weight of the current issue Type-56 assault rifle used by militaries around the world. It cocks from the right side, shoots from an open bolt, and the safety on the right receiver side works just like an AK. This marker has a detachable, 20-round, non-functional magazine, a quick-release barrel for easy cleaning, and a threaded muzzle break.

It comes packaged with an Allen wrench set and extra cup seal, a manual, and a real AK sling. The Type-68 has a single o-ring on the striker and two on the valve, and uses typical commercial bottle o-rings. Maintenance and take down is extremely simple as the rear stock comes off with quick release HK type pins and internals/velocity adjustments are in easy reach. If you wish, the rear stock can be removed completely.

Type 68 D Marker Specifications:

Caliber: .68 Non-Lethal Training Munitions Family
Length: 34” (86.4 cm)
Weight: 6.75 lbs (3.06k)
Barrel threaded: 14” (35.7cm)
Muzzle brake: 1.25″ (3.17 cm) detachable 4 rows of 3 ports
Operation: Compressed gas (CO2 or HPA) blow back, open bolt, semi-auto
Rate of fire: Approximately 400 rounds per minute
Velocity: Adjustable between 150 to 400 feet per second
Feed system: 40 or 200 round gravity fed hopper
Safety systems: Cross bolt, AK style lever on action side
Trigger pull: Approximately 3.5 lbs

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