Tacamo Special Products Division -RPK A-5 Paintball Gun

Archon TACAMO Special Products Division -RPK A5 Paintball Gun

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The Tacamo RPK Paintball Marker is ready for action as your squad automatic weapon, for use during intense offensives and powerful defenses. Designed to replicate the look, feel, and tactical role of the Soviet RPK light machinegun, the Tacamo RPK Paintball Marker puts high rates of fire, large hopper capacity, and extreme accuracy at your fingertips.

The Tacamo RPK uses the same dark-stained wooden handguards, pistol grip, and hatchet-style stock that come standard on the service-issue RPK, and even features an authentic 75round drum in front of the trigger guard—a nice bit of protection for your hands. The adjustable sights help you get that 20” RPK barrel on target, and the bipod helps you steady your shots as you unload paint via the hopper adapter.

With the Tacamo RPK, you can use authentic-capacity 75round hoppers, full size hoppers, oversized hoppers…however much paint you need to carry to fulfill your role as squad machine gunner!

Key features include:
– All metal and wood construction
– Authentic butt stock, pistol grip, and handguards
– Bipod to stay on target
– RPK-length barrel with integral sight
– Simple to operate and easy to maintain
– Reliable and durable
– 0.68 caliber
– Adjustable velocity of 200-400 fps
– Maximum range: 300 feet
– Effective range: 150 feet


– 1 x Tacamo marker
– 1 x 20” RPK barrel
– 1 x Bipod
– 1 x 75rnd drum
– 1 x Hopper adapter
– 1 x 1 year warranty

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Weight 40 lbs

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