Spyder E-MR5 Paintball Gun


Spyder E-MR5 Paintball Gun

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New for 2013, the Spyder E-MR5 features the new “Advance” electronic trigger frame with the LEAP 3 circuit board and color access mode display (SAFE, SEMI, 3 Burst, 6 Burst, Full Auto and low battery indicator). The E-MR5 comes stock with a 9-round magazine capable of shooting .68 caliber paintballs and the new First Strike paintball from Tiberius Arms. The First Strike paintball offers 2x more range and 25x more accuracy. This innovative “DLS” Dual Loading System utilizes a unique patent pending system that enables you to interchange your loading system with a quick turn of the barrel allowing the user to switch between a traditional upper load feed system and lower magazine feed system during play.

Mil-Sim Style Electronic Paintball Marker
– Advance Electronic Trigger Frame
– LEAP 3 Circuit Board with Color Access Mode Display (CAMD): SAFE, SEMI, 3 Burst, 6 Burst, Full Auto and Low Battery Indicator
– Air Efficient Eko Valve System shoots up to 1600 shots from a 20oz CO2 Tank
– “DLS” Dual Loading System
– First Strike Ready
– 9 Round First Strike Capable Magazine Included
– AR-15 Style Charging Handle
– Adjustable SOPMOD Shoulder Stock w/ Angled Butt Plate
– Quad RIS Barrel Shroud
– Front Sight Base (FSB)
– Carrying Handle Mount with Adjustable Sight
– 14” Battle Barrel w/ Standard Threaded Muzzle Brake
– High Impact Polymer Off-Set Clamping Feed Neck
– FS Electronic Venturi Bolt
– Quick Release Striker Plug Pull Pin
– Steel Braided Hose
– External Velocity Adjuster
– 9.6v Rechargeable Battery & AC Charger Included
– Capable to shoot .68 Caliber & First Strike™ Paintballs
– Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

Package Includes: Marker, 9 Round First Strike Capable Magazine, Adjustable SOPMOD Shoulder Stock, Barrel Blocking Device, Spare Parts Kit, Service Tools, Product Manual

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