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Q-lock, New Programming

Bold New Look – The field
proven performance of the Shocker SFT, with its minimal weight, compact size,
sizzling rate of fire and simple maintenance has accompanied some of the world’s
best professional paintball teams to the winner’s podium.

  The latest evolution of the Shocker combines
many of the key features found on customized professional team guns with new
styling in the form of the Shocker NXT.



Strengths From
Its Heritage

– The same features that have made the Shocker SFT an overwhelming success are
the base on which the Shocker NXT is built.

  • Seal Forward
    Technology – This Smart Parts innovation places the breech seal o-ring in the
    breech instead of on the bolt, providing a perfect seal against blowback without
    producing rate of fire limiting bolt-drag.

  • True
    Electropneumatic Design – Just like the original Shocker, and all of the Smart
    Parts lineup, the Shocker NXT is built on a true electropneumatic design.

      A precision, fast acting solenoid valve
    drives the bolt and valve system for unbeatably quick operation with minimal

  • Simple 9-volt
    Powered Operation – Because of the very low power consumption that true
    electropneumatic operation provides, the Shocker NXT electronics are able to
    achieve a long operating life from a standard 9-volt alkaline battery.


  • 20+ BPS
    Performance – OK, the tournaments may say you have to dial it down to 15, but
    when you open it up, it rocks.

  • Multi-Gas
    Operation – While the tournament world is dominated by compressed air, the low
    operating pressures of the Shocker mean that in scenario games where reloading
    times are few and far between, it can take advantage of the high number of shots
    per fill provided by CO2.


Break Beam Vision – The
latest and most reliable anti-chop Vision technology is fully incorporated into
the Shocker NXT body with no external wires or wire covers.

  Multiple Vision software modes allow the
Shocker NXT Vision system to adapt to a variety of operating conditions, body
and eye configurations.

High Efficiency Bolt – The
HE Bolt assembly, which was an often-purchased option for the Shocker SFT is
standard equipment on the Shocker NXT.

Its increased air storage volume, increased volume flow path and gas
supply control maximize the number of shots available between gas fills.

Integrated Air Rail – The
Shocker NXT grip’s integrated rail system allows standard dovetail air system
accessories to mount directly to the grip frame or use traditional inline
mounting screws.

Rail Mounted on/off ASA
Positive air system control means longer o-ring and solenoid life for screw in
gas supplies.

  The easy to clean and
rebuild design of the Smart Parts on/off ASA means a lifetime of reliable

  The integral dovetail mount
matches perfectly to the Shocker NXT grip frame’s integrated air system rail for
solid adapter free mounting.

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Weight 15 lbs

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