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2007 Naughty Dog Shocker

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The Naughty Dog shocker gives way to sleek muscular
lines, swept back features and finely cut scallops that continue our tradition
of style but not affect functionality. This isn t your ordinary Shocker;
it has been completely redesigned from the ground up. The Dogs Shocker is
built on Smart Parts Shocker “NXT” plat form. Smart Parts looked at every
component on there previous Shocker design and improved on every

Below are the New Features:

Break Beam Vision
– The latest and most reliable anti-chop Vision technology is fully incorporated
into the Naughty Dogs Shocker body with no external wires or wire covers running
from the grip to the eyes.

Integrated Air
– Loose the drop forward and even the rail adapter. The
integrated rail system allows 3/8″ inch dovetail air system accessories to mount
directly to the grip frame, or use traditional inline mounting

Rail Mounted on/off
– Positive air system control means longer o-ring and solenoid
life. The easy to clean and rebuild design means a lifetime

reliable operation.

Feature Packed Grip
– A built in snatch grip and expanded trigger guard with huge finger
space are complimented by threaded lock pins which make the trigger, circuit
board and on/off button easier to change yet more secure. Recessed frame
screws disappear into the grip frame for a cleaner

Four Point Naughty Dog
Adjustable Trigger
– The fully adjustable trigger can be dialed in to suit
any taste, without needing to open the grip or remove the grip

New Regulator
The new Shocker NXT regulator in the Custom Naughty Dog Sleeve offers increased
flow rate for maximum velocity stability.

Sculpted, Rebuildable
Ball Detent Assemblies
– Left and right spring loaded ball detent
assemblies are multi-axis CNC machined to integrate seamlessly into the
body. They prevent double feeding and provide

easy access to inspect
and clean the break-beam Vision eyes.


Anodized Aluminum Finish – The new Shocker anodized aluminum finish is
harder and stronger than ever before, to keep the Naughty

Dogs Shocker
looking good even under the most abusive tournament

The fully enclosed
Naughty Dog body design is compatible with Shocker SFT aftermarket bolt kits and
is outfitted with Autococker compatible barrel threads for a wide range of
barrel options. The

Naughty Dog bolt guide blends into the Naughty Dog
Shocker body styling. The clamping feed neck attaches with a new thread
pattern for even greater durability.

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