Smart Parts NXT Shocker Modefy’d 187 Paintball Gun

Smart Parts NXT Shocker Modefy’d 187 Paintball Gun

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Special Edition Laser Engraved Modefy’d Shocker NXT. Few names are associated with as many paintball tournament wins as that of the Shocker. Through the Shocker 4×4, Turbo and SFT some of the best players in the world have stood on the awards podium with a Shocker by their side. With the advent of the Shocker SFT the Shocker took on a whole new look with a sleek, compact and lightweight design that delivered jaw dropping rates of fire. Now the Shocker NXT takes the name one step further.
Built on Shocker SFT technology the Shocker NXT incorporates features that were developed and tested on custom markers built for Smart Parts sponsored teams.


* New look and multi-axis milling
* Break beam vision
* Stronger feed neck threading
* Impulse / Ion barrel threading
* Integrated air system rail
* Increased vertical regulator flow rate and consistency
* High efficiency bolt/valve assembly
* Integrated, removable snatch grip
* Four point, externally adjustable trigger
* Dual bearing trigger pivot
* Threaded trigger and circuit board mount pins
* Forward offset vertical regulator mount
* Trigger guard with increased finger space
* Sculpted plunger style dual ball detent assemblies
* Harder anodized finish
* Backwards compatibility
* Laser Engraved

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