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The Nerve is the apex of grace and power…

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The Nerve is the apex of grace and power. Meet the
next generation open-bolt electro pneumatic marker from Smart Parts. Half the
size of the Impulse with twice the standard equipment, you’ll be feeling a
tingle down your spine. Standard equipment includes a fully adjustable, super
fat reverse magnetic trigger, internal vision eye system, matching vertical
Max-Flo regulator, ultra comfy Pro-Touch grip, integral LPR, .25 Bolt that
allows in no paint, dirt or debris, a stainless hammer and locking feed port
that holds like a death grip yet releases with the flip of one finger. And then
there’s the Rebound Firing Mode. Combined with the now famous Vision system, get
enhanced feel and power with rates of fire beyond 20 balls per second. Not only
are they attainable, but but now available to the masses. So sell off all the
other junk you’ve purchased over the years to make your under performing marker
a winner and make space in your gear bag for the Nerve. You can own other
markers, but you won’t need them.

– Rebound Firing Mode
– Q-Lock Feed
– 4-point magno trigger
– Integrated Max-Flo LPR
– Vision Ant-Chop
– Pinless .25 Bolt
– Vertical Max-Flo
– ProTouch Grip
– Drop
– D-Tail on/off bottom line
– Freak barrel with matching front,
with Stainless Steel back and smooth insert.
– SFT design (Seal Forward
Technology) = Devastating Accuracy

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Weight 15 lbs


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