Smart Parts 20oz Anti-Siphon CO2 Tank


This is a 20 oz co2 tank with a Smart Parts on/off valve and anti siphon tube already installed.

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The revolutionary design of the anti-siphon valve
prevents liquid from entering the gun. The absence of liquid extends the life of
all seals within the gun.

Many guns require anti-siphon tubes in the CO2 tank
so that they dont draw liquid CO2 from the tank which causes
velocity spikes and freeze-ups. Autocockers, Ions, Shockers, and Impulses all
require an anti-siphon tube and should not be run on CO2
without one. Many other markers, especially Electric markers, can benefit from
an anti-siphon tube in the CO2 tank. Without an anti-siphon, it is very
likely that you will damage your gun.


  • This tank also includes a Smart Parts on / off
    valve that allows you to shut off the CO2 flow at the valve.

  • In the past, it was necessary to have your anti
    siphon matched precisely to your gun, but all anti-siphons are shipped
    pre-installed. Simply turn the bottle in all the way until the on / off knob
    is pointed up and gas up your gun. The on / off knob is now in the right

  • 5 year hydro date
  • Pre-installed anti-siphon tube
  • 20 oz co2 tank will provide approximately 1100 shots
    per fill, never have to worry about running out of air mid-game

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