Sly Paintball Mask Profit Series

Sly Paintball Mask Profit Series

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The Sly Profit mask has a ton of great features that make this one of
the best paintball masks on the market. To start with, the Sly Profit
paintball mask has two goggle bands which gives you optimal comfort and
will keep the mask right on your face in even the craziest situations.

dual pane thermal lens of the Sly Profit mask is very easy to pop in or
to take out. Sly has made a variety of different lenses and colors for
their Profit series mask including the ever popular tinted and gradient
fade lenses.

The Sly Profit mask has a flex bottom which will
give you crucial bounces in those tough games. The Ear pieces of the
Sly Profit paintball mask are using brand new technology and are more
comfortable than any other mask.

The Soft ear pieces of the
Sly Profit mask suck right into your ear and give the mask a very
unique and comfortable feel. Overall this looks like a great mask for
anyone who is looking to really step up their game and have every
possible advantage against your competition.

Included in the Sly Mask Kit:

– Sly Profit Paintball Mask

– Gradient Tinted Thermal Lens

– Velour Mask Bag

– Mask Storage Container

– Free Stickers

– Manual/Instruction Booklet

The Sly Profit paintball mask has the option of 4 different easily interchangeable lenses.

The stock lens in the Sly Profit Mask is a gradient fade. This is great
for most outdoor conditions as the smoke top half absorbs a lot of the
sun light and the clear bottom help you to see ahead.

There is a standard Clear thermal lens available for low light conditions or indoor play.

The Sly Profit also has a standard Amber lens available. Sly Recommends
the Amber lens for both indoor as well as any type of night play.

Also available for the new Sly Profit Paintball mask is the Gradient
Chrome Fade Lens. The Chrome fade is very unique and is one of the best
looking lenses for any paintball mask.

Place your Order for the Sly Profit mask today and be surprised with the great quality of this very comfortable mask.

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