SLY Dual Carbon Barrel Front – Pro Merc w/ Free Bag


SLY Pro-Merc Barrel Front

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One thing is for sure in this sport; paintballs are not consistent. They change from brand to brand and are affected by temperature, humidity, and age.

Therefore dimensions of a paintball obtained from one case will very often not match the dimensions taken from a different case of the same brand paint. And even sometimes the same case, if split into two sessions-with different weather, can be different.

We know now the ONLY way to guarantee an accurate barrel to paint match is to compare the paintball to the barrel. This can be best achieved by either purchasing an assortment of barrels, or purchasing a barrel system with changeable backs such as the SLY barrel solution.

Experienced amateur and professional players take a variety of barrels and or a barrel kit to ensure a perfect fit of paint to barrel match. Just having one barrel is too risky.

The way to match the paintball to barrel is:
Take the ball, and place it into the breech of the barrel (back) it should not fall straight through. If the ball does roll out without any effort, the barrels internal diameter, or (bore) is too large. If it is too hard to blow the ball through, the barrel bore is too small.

One should be able to blow the paintball through the barrel with minimal resistance.

SLY has several Patents Pending. Our unique bore geometry has a slightly tapered cross wall that will allow the paintball to build speed in the first few inches of the breach and then reduce contact area and drag seamlessly as the taper progresses. This taper enables the ball to then continue in a “floating state” on its trajectory. No abrupt steps half way up the barrel here. The unidirectional carbon graphite bore contributes greatly to directional stability of the ball. It also allows for quick cleaning of the barrel during play. A broken paintball can be shot through and cleaned from the barrel with just 2 rounds. The use of sly paintball nanotechnology in the barrel ID makes all this possible.

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