Shocktech Spyder Spring Kit


Shocktech spyder spring kit of graduated tensions to assure the gun owner of having the proper way to achieve the appropriate velocity

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Here is an upgrade you
can afford. This spring kit by

Shocktech is
designed for your Spyder marker or clone to increase and adjust the
velocity. Don’t get frustrated any longer because your
gun is not shooting as hard as everyone elses or that your paint is
bouncing off more than its breaking.

affects the efficiency of your Co2 so on colder days (below 70 degrees)
your marker may not fire with the same velocity as on warmer days.
Altitude also changes the properties of Co2.

Shocktech spring kit fixes this inconsistency.


Just pop out your
current main spring and replace it with a heavier tensioned spring and
presto!, you have an instant velocity increase. Of course the opposite
is true. If your marker if firing too hard (above 300 fps) and you have
your adjuster all the way out, a lighter spring is in order. This
change can be done right on the field in about a minute.


markers are different and no two fire exactly alike. Now you have a way
to tune it up to the conditions instead of having to just deal with it.

This kit includes these
spring tensions and are color coded for quick access:


1. Silver – Light

2. Green – Medium

3. Gold – Medium-Heavy

4. Red – Heavy


Spyder, Piranha, JT, Viewloader, Brass Eagle, clones 

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