Shocktech Spyder Clamping Feed Neck

Shocktech Spyder Clamping Feed Neck

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Quit wasting time and money on plastic feed necks! Shocktech clamping feed necks are now available for Spyders. Equipped with either a raised base for screw holes or a recessed base with tabs, our clamping feed necks will fit most Spyders on the market today. Permanantly eliminate the possibility of looking foolish while picking up your loader on the field. A simple twist of your fingers or allen key, and you’ll put a choke hold on your loader that won’t break. Now available with 2 options:

Raised Base for Screw Holes:
Fits: E-99, E-99 Avant, Victor, Victor II

Recessed Tabs on Base:
Fits: TLX, Pilot, Fenix, Nexion, Rodeo, Imagine, X-Tra, Fenix w/ ACS, Primal E,
Pilot w/ ACS, Electra, TL-R, Sonix.

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