Shocktech Shocker Camo 06 Paintball Gun


Ultra Slick, Light Weight Body Milling…

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+ Ultra Slick, Light Weight Body
+ Shocktech Lower than all others Feed Neck
+ Shocktech On/Off
Bottom Line
+ Shocktech Drop Forward #1
+ Shocktech Grip Frame
Shocktech Roller Bearing Trigger
+ Shocktech Integral Snatch Grip
Shocktech A.S.A
+ Max Flo
+ Shocktech Logo’d Bolt Cap
(this part is subject to availability
from Smart Parts
– We reserve the right to substitute at our sole

+ Sick Nerve Ramping Board
+ Body accepts Cocker
threaded barrels
+ Standard Smart Parts Freak Barrel

+ Our exclusive
100% Upgrade Policy
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Weight 15 lbs


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