Shocktech Halo Drive Cone Kit


The Shocktech Halo cone kit for your Halo is the number one upgrade for Halos…

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Lot’s of people have talked about it, but Shocktech did
it! A new Drive Cone for the Halo. Some tournament players will break 3 or 4 an
event, maybe more! Not anymore!!! The new machined
aluminum Drive Cone comes with a Lifetime Warranty. (Just don’t throw it out
your car window!) It will give you that custom look to match your stuff and
deliver the rock solid performance you’ve come to expect from all Shocktech
products. Driven by the demands of some of the greatest players in the sport

Drive Cone Kit includes: drive cone, rip drive knob, shaft, 1 washer, 1 clip

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Weight 3 lbs


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