Road to World Cup DVD

Road to World Cup DVD

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The Road to World Cup showcases both the Pro Miami Raiders and Division 1 Jacksonville Raiders, collectively known as Raider Nation. What Doc started out as a small five man team is now a nationally recognized professional team. This dvd showcases the commitment and dedication needed in order to take a team from literally nothing to a pro powerhouse. Both team’s members are more then just teammates, they all are one big family as shown in this dvd.

Besides all the great tournament and practice coverage the dvd focuses on each player of both teams. Each player is given a several minute feature which explains who they are, their professional paintball careers, and their future goals. Here are the following players interviewed in the Road to World Cup:

Miami Raiders: Coach Paul Captain Dave “Dirty” Pastore Billy Bernacchia Thomas Mantoni Brian Gigliotti Chris Bell? Bryan Smith Danny Holiday Paul “LP” Everett Ross O’Rouke Matt Richards

Jacksonville Raiders: Ben Draper Raymond Miller Adam Vining Chris “Pooh” Costigan Chris Powell Kyle Stahl John Almeida

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