Ricochet 2kx LCD Loader


The 2KX is the worlds fastest 9 volt loader…

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The 2KX is the worlds fastest 9 volt loader. Don’t be fooled into thinking two batteries are better than
This loader is faster than all of the mid range loaders,
VL Revolution, Empire Reloader, Halo TSA and Ricochet AK . The 2KX is one
inch shorter than its big brother Apache and three ounces lighter. Perfect
for front man speed ballers. Available with or without a game timer.


  • 185 Ball Capacity
  • Adjustable O-Ring Neck
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Spring Loaded Lid
  • Heavy Duty PolyCarbon Construction
  • 99 Minute Game Timer with Memory*
  • Audio Timer Warnings with Mute Option*


denotes features on LCD version only.

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Weight 8 lbs


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