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Redz Pepperstickz 6 Piece Barrel Kit

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Simply put, Redz has made the ultimate barrel system. Four 8″ backs and two tips give you everything you need in one complete kit.

FULL KITS Full kits are available in Cocker, Shocker and Angel threads. Each kit includes four backs and two tips, a free foldable Redz Barrel Swab and comes in a Redz Barrel Safe.

EIGHT-INCH BACKS The longest backs in the industry, our control backs give players greater air efficiency and increased accuracy, since the air will push the paintball for a longer distance as it travels down the barrel. Many first-time users will see a noticeable increase in their air efficiency, and your opponents will also have to cower behind their bunkers more than usual, too.

CHILI PEPPER MILLING Another first in paintball, the milling on the Pepper Stickz is unmatched! Not only does it look hot, it makes for an extremely quiet shot – your opponents won t know what hit them.

MULTIPLE BORES Redz Pepper Stickz kits come with four bore sizes: .687, .689, .691, and .693. You ll always be able to shoot any paint you encounter in a straight line.

MULTIPLE TIPS Redz Pepper Stickz kits come with two tips, for a 14 or 16 barrel, depending on preference.

PRECISION-HONED Redz worked to refine and improve the manufacturing process itself for superior quality that cannot be matched. A .689 barrel has a true .689 bore. Each tip and back line up properly every time. And a new polishing process guarantees you ve got the smoothest barrels made.

BARREL SAFE Included in Pepper Stickz Kits, these compressed EVA foam bags let you store your it in a safe place. It features Neoprene sleeves for your backs and tips, a sleeve for a Barrel Swab, and dual zippers to close it up.

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