Redz Envy Pack 424

Redz Envy Pack 424

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Redz Envy Pack 424

The Redz ENVY pack is a fulfillment of all that extra time we spent on R&D over the past year or so. The pack and belt are now fused together as a complete unit, which gives players increased comfort, ease of use, and added weight capacity while eliminating bounce. This new, streamlined design exceeds the needs of today’s players.

STREAMLINED PROFILE – A smaller and lighter pack that does more with less. The lower belt height makes it easier to crouch and run, and the all of the pouches and sleeves are perfectly spaced so that the Podz lay closer to your back.

TORPEDO LAUNCH SYSTEM – Elasticized loops at the top of each main pouch, fire a pod into your hand when released.

EMBROIDERED IDENTITY – Nothing but classy, smooth, soft, embroidered patches that help repel paint breaks and say “QUALITY” at the same time.


 â€“ Knowing weight is the biggest factor in speed, Redz made this pack out of the lightest, strongest textiles available.

DUAL-LAYER SNUG STRAPS – Multi-tension snug straps pull the ENVY pack tighter into your back for greater support and zero bounce.

– Split pod loops on the sides allow you to carry even more paint to the field with a smaller pack. Our NV-323 pack carries three to ten Podz, and the NV-424 carries four, or as many as twelve Podz.

PERFECTLY SIZED – Two sizes are available.

  • The small size fits anyone with a 32” waist or smaller.
  • The medium/large size fits 32”-44” waists.
  •  Big ballers can purchase an inexpensive Extension Belt that comfortably adds another 16” to the waistline.

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