Redz 08 XSV Jersey & Gloves Combo

Redz 08 XSV Jersey & Gloves Combo

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Redz 08 XSV Jersey & Gloves Combo

These 2008 XSV eNVy pants redefine comfort and enhance the playing experience by providing padding in high impact areas, allowing for the maximum range of motion, and providing the perfect fit so players can do their job on the field, uninhibited by their uniform. Made for NPPL Professional Team Sacremento XSV, these pants have all the same features as our other 2008 eNVy pants with the added digital grey color and Sacremento XSV logos.

A. Built Tough – our pants are made with 1680 Denier nylon on the knees and a custom-woven Ripstop Nylon everywhere else. Players are free to play their hearts out and not worry about rips, because these pants will keep up with the most intense playing styles.

Redz Custom Sacremento XSV 2008 eNVy Gloves were redesigned from scratch to substantially increase protection, range of motion, comfort, and grip. There is no other glove like it in paintball. A. Unique Enclosure – How many times have you almost ripped your gloves apart trying to get them on or off? Our unique double-enclosure system not only provides an extra-wide opening for easy insertion and removal, it also accommodates a large variety of hand sizes and shapes – just snug up the adjustment straps to where they’re most comfortable for you. B. Compression-Formed Airprene – Covers the knuckles — the most commonly hit area of the hand — with a soft, durable, and styled layer of porous neoprene. C. Superior Airflow – Redz increased airflow by including a four-way-stretch mesh in between the top and bottom halves of the fingers. We also used porous neoprene to vent the knuckles, hole-punched the palms, and used a highly-breathable hex-mesh at on the back of the hand. All of these features work together to keep your hands cool. D. Pre-Curved Fingers – Arc-shaped, lock-stitched gussets, precise fitting, split-section knuckles, and an articulated thumb allow the hands to relax into their natural position, and also make for a better grip with less bunching in the palm. E. Tack-Grip Palm and Fingers – Injected silicon sections on the fingertips and in the palm give players a superior grip on their marker and pods. F. Stamped-Kevlar Palm – An extra measure of Kevlar protection was added to the palm of these gloves, cut to conform to the hand. As an extra flourish, it’s compression-stamped with our chili pepper logo.

B. Pre-Curved Knee – The knees of the eNVy Pants are articulated and reinforced in eight zones for supreme comfort and maximum room for crouching, crawling, and kneeling – the three most common positions in paintball.

C. Padding in All the Right Places – Redz padded the 2008 eNVy Pants with tournament-legal protection in the hips, shins, knees and fly. Why? Most of the staff at Redz know first-hand what it’s like to take a superman-dive on Astroturf-covered asphalt

D. Killer Style – Dynamic cuts and contouring, with fresh, no-fade sublimated graphics and no-cord piping make these pants look great from all angles, in addition to seamlessly meshing with the eNVy Jersey and Gloves.

E. Twin Barrel Swab Pockets – Stash a barrel swab or two in these sleeves just in case.

F. Deep Pockets – two front pockets can hold a pod each, and the twin rear pockets are Velcro-lined to secure your car keys and wallet.

G. Direct Venting – Ventilation in the crotch and inside of the legs allow air to pass through and out of the pants, which really makes playing on a hot summer day a lot more enjoyable.

H. The Right Fit, Every Time – Redz eNVy Pants have always been sized by length, rather than by waist or worse, by an ambiguous size label. The waistline can be adjusted to fit just about anyone, small or large.

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