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Quest Digicamo Marker

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The Quest Paintball Marker comes fully stocked with a
host of features. Designed with the player in mind, its sleek compact appearance
is not only aesthetically appealing, but functional as well. The Slider Frame
offers 2 positions for the player to choose from, a forward set of frame holes
for the front player in mind or a further back set for all the back players out
there. The trigger guard is enlarged to fit any sized hands on the triggers
sweet spot. The Spot Trigger comes fully adjustable and equipped with bearings
and a magnetic return. Both dually needed because at a blazing fast 23bps speed
and with a 1500 rd capability (68/4500), The Quest will outshoot and outlast the

For the tournament player at heart it comes cocker
threaded, so no need to cart around another set of barrels, integrated snatch
grip for the long walks from the pits to the field, and a trigger programmable
board including NXL, PSP, and standard semi-auto modes. Together with a clamping
feedneck and break beam anti-chop eyes The Quest is capable of fitting a variety
of loaders and shooting paint break free.

With its simplistic 2-piece internal Bolt/Pin combo,
maintenance and repair are a breeze. No more putting bolts back together
backwards, or inserting a cup seal wrong. A quick wipe down and re-grease and
your back on the field shootin fools all day long. Also included in the package
is FEPs 007 2-piece barrel boasting a 7 control bore.
With a combination of
The Quest & 007 barrel, accuracy and consistency excel above all



  • Operation ~ Electro-Pneumatic

  • Power ~ 9V Battery

  • Length ~ 9.8 w/o Barrel – 21″ Overall

  • Height ~ 7.5

  • Width ~ 1.2

  • Weight ~ 1lb 14oz w/o Barrel – 2lb 3oz w/

  • Max Rate of Fire ~ 23+ bps

  • Modes of Fire ~ Semi-Auto, PSP, NXL

  • Eye Sensor ~ Break-Beam Anti-Chop Eyes

  • Propellant ~ Compressed Air/Nitrogen

  • Operating Pressure ~ 220 psi

  • Cycling Pressure ~ 85 psi

  • Efficiency ~ 1500rds per 68/4500 Fill

  • Barrel Threads ~ Cocker

  • Barrel ~ 14 0.690 2-Piece w/ 7

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