Planet Eclipse 2011 ON/OFF ASA (POPS) & Mini Rail Kit


Planet Eclipse 2011 ON/OFF ASA  (POPS) & Mini Rail Kit

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    Planet Eclipse Ego 11 Push ON/OFF Purge System (POPS) and Mini Rail Kit Black


    * Push On/Off Purge System (POPS) – mount a pre-set air system and control whether the air supply is on or off
    * Purge feature – turn knob to “off” position, and the air between the POPS and the regulator is vented through a relief hole
    * Includes the Rail attachment found on all 2011 Ego’s
    * Rail and mounting hardware

 The Planet Eclipse POPS ASA comes with a mini rail so it can be fitted to all older egos and other style markers. If you have a new version eclipse marker then the POPs ASA will just slide into the T-Mounting rail.

POPS stands for Push On Purge System and is a completely new concept in On/Off/Purging ASAs. The idea is simple. Just push back on the front Bonnet section of the Planet Eclipse POPS ASA and this depresses the pin in your tank, gasses up the marker, and then latched itself into place.

Gassing up the marker takes a fraction of a second and once gassed up the bonnet stays in position until the push button on the side of the Planet Eclipse POPS ASA bonnet is depressed, at which point the bonnet pops forward and the marker purges its air. Again, de-gassing takes a fraction of a second and very little effort.

The Eclipse POPS ASA also hosts front porting for the first time on an Eclipse ASA, as well as new fittings that require Loctite or tape to seal in and can be removed quickly and easily with a hex key.

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