Orange Spyder Orange Wasp Bolt


Fits Amg, Amg w-lcd, Imagine Select, Electra DX…

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Weight: 47 grams (1.6 ounces)

Suitable for:

Amg, Amg w-lcd, Imagine Select, Electra DX

Spyder enthusiasts…get ready for
this!!!!! The adjustable o-ring setting on all Orange Paintball Spyder bolts
ELIMINATES air loss resulting from the blowback experienced with the stock bolt.
You simply must experience it to believe it. It is as easy as dropping the bolt
in the chamber and you can kiss all of your precious air loss good

Features include:

  • Individually adjustable ventury
    tuning bolt

  • The product is made of
    polyoxymethyl / POM which is an easily sliding and self – lubricating plastic
    that makes any scratching of the marker impossible.

  • With the o-ring and the grooves,
    the seal of the bolt can be adjusted to the different diameters of any kind of
  • Additional information

    Weight 5 lbs


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