NXe Elevation Series Tank Cover – Alex Fraige

NXe Elevation Series Tank Cover – Alex Fraige

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The NXe Elevation Series Tank Cover is a revolutionary tank cover,
and quite simply, the best tank cover in the history of Paintball. A 2
piece- tension based closure system allows for a zipper-less design,
which eliminates the risk of rank damage, ball breaks, and unnecessary
wear to the cover. There are only 2 tank cover sizes and they will fit
any size tank from a 45ci up to a 72ci or larger compressed air tank. A
reversible butt-cap design allows user customization for preferred
playing style, and an internally mounted grip system ensures the
tightest possible fit to reduce movement while mounted on tank. This
is, hands down, the premiere tank cover in the game.


  • Tension-based closure system: Allows for a zipper-less design to
    eliminate any metal/hard components, in order to minimize risk of tank
    damage or unnecessary paint breaks.
  • Reversible butt-cap design: To accommodate any surface preference, while ensuring maximum durability.
  • Friction inducing custom gel grip, on one side, for the player that desires maximum tank stability during play.
  • Super-smooth surface on the reverse for the player looking for superior tank mobility.
  • Form-fitting Neck & Internally-mounted anti-slip grip system:
    Ensures the tightest possible fit, while reducing movement and
    eliminating gaps between tank and cover.
  • Elevation Skid Pad: Runs along the bottom of the tank to prevent damage on bunker dives.
  • Specially-selected elevation nylon: Guarantees maximum durability and ultimate style.
  • Available in Small (for 45ci – 50ci tanks) and Large (for 68ci – 72ci tanks)

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