New Designz NDZ Matrix A.C.E. Breech w/detents


Not just another breech, its our A.C.E. (Anti-Chop-Eye)…

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Not just another breech, its our A.C.E.
(Anti-Chop-Eye) milled breech. Much lighter than stock. The front and back of
the breech are milled to remove excess material. The internal bore has been
slightly resized and tapered to have a better bolt O-ring to breech seal during
firing. Leaves less of a chance for air to sneak by. Has screw in ball detents,
currently threaded for use with SP Impulse¨ style non-vision (short) ball
detents. Our Matrix breeches are milled for the Ironman, TMC/Trauma, NYX
existing eye setups. Ball detents included. Currently threaded for Autococker
barrels. There’s more..

  • Custom eye milled with a very fresh
    look for less weight, only
    69gr, thats 26.8gr less than stock

  • Includes screw in ball detents, using Impulse¨
    style threading (short)

  • Internal breech bore has been resized for a
    better bolt to breech seal.

  • Initial testing does show an increase of around
    10+ fps and some nearing 25 fps with better consistency. Adds more shots per

  • New O-ring on the back of the breech for
    positive breech to body fit. Eliminates dropped breeches from loosening breech

  • Minimal internal breech chamfer to ease the
    ball transition from breech into barrell, less breaks

  • Barrel end of breech is recessed for an
    optional O-ring for on the barrel use. Butts up perfect to the breech. Keeps
    the barrel from vibrating loose

  • Feedneck inlet port is smaller to keep balls in
    a vertical stack, this keeps balls from being offset side to

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