New Designz NDZ Impulse Equalizer Bolt

This is the new bolt your hearing about, its the latest in cutting edge tech…

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This is the new bolt your hearing
about, its the latest in cutting edge tech!! Our stubby is the shortest and
lightest bolt you can find. First, here are some benefits by using this
bolt. Available in
white also !!

  • NO O-rings, never requires

  • Actual field tests show an increase
    in velocity of 12-30 FPS over stock with some nearing 30+ FPS during
    initial HPA tests

  • Greatly improved consistency, you may think the
    chrono is not reading.

  • Efficiency increases up to 36%, 27%
    over some other aftermarket bolts. Varies from marker to marker

  • Allows you to lower input operating
    pressure and or decrease your dwell.

  • Delrin bolts do not wear the
    Impulse body like the stock aluminum bolt. Specific sections on the bolt
    are slightly smaller to decrease even more friction. Look closely…

  • High flow port design to stabilize
    the air with an ultra smooth surface finish.

  • The”Equalizer” chamber between the
    bolt and the ball is designed to displace air pressure over the whole back
    surface of the ball with the increased volume area and not just 6

  • Angled air inlet port for the best possible air
    flow, efficiency and less turbulence.

  • Our stock length bolt weighs
    29.5gr. while our stubby is a mere 
    19.3gr. considerably less than the aluminum one at
    54.6gr. allowing faster cycling due to less inertia.

  • Improves accuracy by decreasing
    recoil while providing a quieter shot.

  • Also, don’t be surprised when you
    go chrono and the alarm sounds, you’ll be shooting hot.

  • As pictured from top to bottom. Stock, Flush,
    Custom 5″ and the 3.3″ Stubby length.

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Weight 5 lbs

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