New Designz NDZ DM Series Low Rize Feedneck


Get a grip!! Not only do we put the low in our lo rize…

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Get a grip!! Not only do we put the low
in our lo rize. We added full adjustability, stability while utilizing the added
grip and support of 4 O-rings. ND fully adjustable clamping feednecks will grip
onto what ever you may have. Some people like these so much, they’ve mentioned
to us that we’ve out did ourselves. We’ll, were just getting started. Click
or above for large picture.

  • Fully adjustable top collar. Easily adjusts
    from Revi to Halo and everything in between within seconds

  • Very low, 1
    1/4 inches shorter than stock and only 1 1/4 inched high. Wow..

  • Weigh only


    gr and only 1.39 inches long. In
    some cases well over 1″ shorter than stock !

  • Using 4 spaced out O-rings, we provide lots of
    added support to the hopper. In addition this provides an awesome fit and
    eliminates any side to side wobble

  • Includes and milled for 4 o-rings for more
    extra positive holding force

  • Superior anodized

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Weight 3 lbs


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