New Designz NDZ 98, A5, X7 EVT Cyclone Piston Housing

98, A5, X7 EVT Cyclone Piston Housing


Designed with performance in mind. With markers cycling faster due to electronics and other upgrades, we decided to improve some other items as well. Our new EVT Extreme Vent Technology housing is one of them.

  • velocity increased from housing alone

  • super fast cycling using EVT, early venting returns piston assembly that much sooner

  • Extreme Vent Tech also offers venting in multi-stage

  • matte finish matches your marker perfectly (black, silver and custom)

  • fits 98, A5, X7 tippmann markers

NOTE: Shown on the cyclone feed system which is

NOT included. Fits any Tippmann with a Cyclone feed system.  During our testing phase we found that venting air too early will cause mis-feeds by not allowing the Cyclone to index to the next location. We designed the EVT to function properly and perform.

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Weight 5 lbs

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