Laysick NdFeB+ Sheath Magnetic Pack

Laysick Sheath Magnetic Pack

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With its use of Magnetic closures, reloading paintballs have just become that much easier. Designed in London.

Sheath NdFeB+

The NdFeB+ is the most comfortable and innovative pack in paintball. For years packs have come in different colours and styles but in essence they have all been the same. We looked at all these packs and took the best bits from each and added our own twists and innovations.

We worked hard on alternative designs and after many months of testing we arrived at this design. This is the first pack to use magnetic latch system to secure the pod straps – if you have not tried this pack, you are missing out.


– Magnetic Latch 
– Ultra thick comfortable padding
– Hex elastic side belt
– ID holder
– Sheath dual layer fabric (over and under colouring)
– Tight fit belt system for all sizes
– Elastic pod ejection
– Extra pod loops (which stow neatly not to flap around)
– Available in 4+3+2 & 3+3+2.

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