Kingman Spyder Anti-chop Rear Cocking Delrin ACS Bolt


This ACS Antichop Bolt is from Kingman…click image for details…

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The revolutionary Anti-Chop System is the world’s first true anti-chop bolt. Simple and affordable, the ACS bolt delivers the same results as expensive markers with eyes. Just replace your existing bolt with the ACS bolt… simple as that!

The ACS precision spring tension recognizes obstructions before crushing balls and jamming the marker, so the action never stops Please specify type when ordering based on information below.

Rear-cocking bolt is designed to fit:

  • Spyder Compact
  • Compact DLX
  • 2 in 1
  • Classic
  • Avant
  • Rodeo
  • E-99
  • Flash LCD
  • Flash
  • Shutter
  • T/L Plus
  • X-tra
  • Aggressor XT
  • & Aggressor
  • Other Spyder Clones that are rear cocking

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