Kila IT TM Trigger System 07/08 Ego

Kila IT TM Trigger System 07/08 Ego

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The Kila IT is a new patent pending interchangeable trigger system from
Kila Products LLC that allows the trigger to be swapped out to a
different look and feel in the blink of an eye. Literally. No more
disassembling the gun and gripframe to swap out to a new look and feel.
Kila IT TM trigger systems include 1 base and 2 seperate styles of
magnetically attached interchangeable faces. Kit comes with a single
trigger which allow for full grasp around the grip while running. If
you play in ramp mode, you will really dig this trigger. Kit also
includes sleek double trigger face design. Faces attach to the base
with top and side locks to prevent coming off in game play. Select
material, finish and color from drop down lists at right.

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