JT Spectra Proshield Goggles


This mask gives you the best protection for the money. Goggle comes with thermal lense, visor and goggle bag.

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With 260 degrees of peripheral vision
the Spectra system utilizes JT’s exclusive Controlled Ventilation System. This system of
air flow strategically places intake and exhaust baffles in the mask area that controls
the flow of exhaled moist air thus eliminating condensation within the goggles, Deluxe
model Spectra Goggles with contour molded hydrophyllic face foam, non-fogging  lenses, non-slip strap and the Spectra Visor. The Spectra 260 System includes the
3/4 Pro-Shield Mask, made of high-impact plastic complete with Control Ventilation System of
baffles and full coverage ear protection, this system is the ultimate in protection.

– Includes:

•Spectra Goggle

•Pro Shield Mask

•Spectra Visor

•Molded Foam

•Thermal Lens or Single

•Pro Strap 

Colors: Black or Olive Drab

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Weight 5 lbs


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