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The only Choice… The Proteus is the ultimate in goggle systems.


  • Designed for maximum protection with a minimal target zone
  • Closer fitting than any other mask on the market
  • The Uni-body polymer mask is engineered for maximum effectiveness in communication on the field
  • Accepts Spectra lenses

The ultimate in goggle systems, the Spectra Proteusª is the newest and hottest system available. The engineered polymer mask features a lower profile, creating a smaller target than any previous system. Uni-body construction, advanced audio capability and fog-resistant performance make this the most advanced system ever. Includes thermal lens, integrated visor, and goggle bag.

Proteus Sportz-Comm sold separately.

The Proteus Sportz-Comm can be used with the world famous Proteus goggles. Just plug in your personal FRS recreational 2-way radio and bingo!, your goggle system has become a completely hands free 2-way radio “VOX”. Whether your caught up in the latest scenario game for the weekend or just reffing for the day, this communication system is designed to handle multiple users! This system is so advanced you can plug in your mp3 player, i-pod or CD player too! Warm up for your game or cool down with your goggles on and your favorite tunes jammin’ away inside… what could be better? Proteus Sportz-Comm sold separately.

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