J&J – JJ Edge Elite Paintball Barrel System


J & J Edge Elite Paintball Barrel System

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The Edge is one of the most technically advanced precision-machined barrel systems. Every back half in the set is measured three times for accuracy and engineered to greatly increase the performance of your paintball marker and game. This powerful combination, combined with J&J’s exclusive ceramic coating, promotes reduced friction and increases the accuracy level of your gun. The top of the line Edge System – to make you the ELITE player, you will not only be able to change your control bores, but you will also be able to change the lengths of your barrel. You’ll be able to shoot every brand of paint on the market with complete accuracy. Includes: 5 control bores: .682, .685, .688, .691, .693 10″ front 12″ front 14″ front Zip-close protective carrying case

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