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Hundredth Monkey Turtle hat has developed the first ever protective headgear designed for paintballers

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Hundredth Monkey has developed the first ever
protective headgear designed for paintballers. Their soft shell TurtleCaps
provide head protection to players without affecting their game. Now, players
who don’t like getting hit in the head are no longer limited to big bulky hard
plastic helmets which subject them to ridicule, hinder playing, and are not
designed for paintballers.

Hundredth Monkey Caps are great for tournament
players, recreational players, referees, and spectators. If you’re a field
owner, your main concern is to provide availability of all paintball safety gear
for your customers and you need Hundredth Monkey TurtleCaps in your pro shop to
do that. Ask for Hundredth Monkey Caps if your field’s pro shop doesn’t carry

Hundredth Monkey are always researching ways to
improve their product. The latest revisions include:

Adding bigger and more ventilation ducts.
These open three times more surface area than our previous TurtleCaps
allowing three times more air to your noggin.

Hundredth Monkey has also incorporated a
mesh liner which increases the airflow and

Size: Large (Hat size 7 to 7-3/4)

Size: X-Large (Hat size 7-3/4 to 8-1/2)

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