HammerHead Mofo Gold LE Rifled Barrel

HammerHead Mofo Gold LE Rifled Barrel

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This rifled barrel is a 5 oz, 14” long , brass core- carbon fiber composite fiber barrel. Brass barrels are traditionally known for their accuracy by the “Old Time Players”. Brass, unfortunately, is several times heavier than steel, and typically carries a distinct weight disadvantage for a long barrel. The MoFo “Gold” takes advantage of the “lubricity” and low friction of Brass, combined with the lightweight and high tensile strength of Carbon Fiber. This “Composite” product produces a superior barrel with a “Brass” internal core with significantly less weight. The Brass rifles beautifully and provides crisp sharp lands and grooves to provide outstanding ball rotation. “MoFo Gold” comes in two distinctive designs. One barrel style has a threaded front for use with any existing reverse ported Hammerhead Muzzle, while the second style has porting and is designed for no muzzle. Both barrel designs are ported and work with a counter-bore at the barrel muzzle to reduce the pressure wave in front of the ball and minimize air turbulence at the barrel exit. The MoFo “Gold” series of barrels are interchangeable with all hammerhead fins/sizers produced by Hammerhead. The MoFo-Gold barrels come in black, blue, gold, red, green, and camo. The authentic “Hammerhead Shark” logo is lasered on each polished barrel breach. This barrel is as a “limited” edition product.


NOTE: You will need a Fin in order to attach HammerHead barrels to your marker.

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