HammerHead GoldMember Barrel

HammerHead Gold Member Barrel

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OUT OF STOCK – These are out of production and will never be made again.


Brass barrels are traditionally known for their accuracy by the “Old Time Players. GoldMember” is a 7 oz Rifled 8” long brass barrel contoured similar to the “Battlestikkxx” but shorter.” This 8” brass “ Gold Member” takes distinct advantage of the “lubricity” and low friction of Brass combined with the advantage of a short barrel to minimize pressure in front of the ball. The Brass rifles beautifully and provides crisp lands and grooves to provide ball rotation with low ball friction. The 8” barrel has a threaded front for use with any Hammerhead reverse-ported Muzzles to reduce the pressure wave in front of the ball and minimize air turbulence at the barrel exit. The rifled brass “Gold Member” series of barrels are interchangeable with all hammerhead fins/sizers produced by Hammerhead. The authentic “Hammerhead Shark” logo is lasered on each barrel. This barrel is as a “limited” edition product.


NOTE: You will need a Fin in order to attach HammerHead barrels to your marker.

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