HammerHead Freedom Fighter Barrel

HammerHead Freedom Fighter Barrel

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This Mil-Sim 14" rifled and gun-drilled barrel is specifically designed for woods and scenario paintball. However it can be used for speedball. The barrel breech is "Permanently Threaded" for either a Tippman A5 ,X7,or Phenom marker, or for the Tippman 98 breech that matches the Tippman 98, or Alpha Black thread. The marker has a "Fixed" counter-bored and ported muzzle that is designed to collapse the pressure wave in front of the ball. Because these barrels are threaded directly to the marker without a sizer, we recommend you select paint that matches the bore using 0.688 paint for best marker efficiency and accuracy results.


NOTE: Currently only Tippmann 98 threads are available. Other thread types will be available March 15.

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