HammerHead Dominator Barrel

HammerHead Dominator Barrel

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Recon M-16 Military Style, 14″ rifled gun-drilled barrel specifically designed for woods and scenario paintball. Woods-ball players love the Military-look. The counter-bored slot-ported muzzle is designed to collapse the pressure wave in front of the ball to minimize air turbulence at the muzzle exit improving ball stabilization. The Dominator fits all our sizers and can be used in conjunction with the Hammerhead “Link” to connect the Dominator to a Battlestikxx or a Bangstikxx to produce a long rifled “Sniper-Type” barrel. The Dominator was originally designed for Pepper-ball and less lethal applications.


NOTE: You will need a Fin in order to attach HammerHead barrels to your marker.

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