GOG eXTCy Paintball Gun

GOG eXTCy Paintball Gun

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Sold in black only, the eXTCy has been designed for the intermediate level players using up-to-date technology:

  • Lightweight Design
  • Branded plastic carry case as standard
  • Wired eyes for ultimate reliability
  • Removable eye covers for easy access to detents and break beam eyes.
  • Full Metal Structure – aluminium alloy
  • 20 bps (upgradable to 25+ with QEV and board )
  • Available in UK (semi only) or US ‘field adjustable’ (semi auto, fully auto and 3 shot burst, also PSP & BillyBall, NXL and Adjustable ramp)
  • Interchangeable Coloured Body Kits
  • Break Beam Vision – reliable anit-chop technology
  • Hammer free Electro-pneumatic Design
  • Simple 9-Volt Operation
  • Mulit-Gas Operation
  • 3 Point Adjustable Trigger
  • Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
  • Field Legal
  • Seal Forward Technology
  • Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
  • Vertical Feed Breech
  • Standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread



The following items are available to buy separately for maintenance and repair:

  • GR33SE Lubricant
  • Screw Kit -eXTCy/Ion
  • Seal Kit – eXTCy/Ion
  • Detent Kit


Upgrades and Accessories:

The following items are available to buy separately:

  • Firebolt – eXTCy, Ion Bolt Compatibility
  • Dovetail Adaptor
  • Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Grip Covers
  • Barrels – Inline, Tactical, The Freak and Freak Junior

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