GOG eNVy/G1 Blackheart Board

GOG eNVy Blackheart Board

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The Blackheart circuit board is a fully adjustable tournament level, upgrade board.


  • Fire Rate (Adjustable)
  • Trigger Debounce (Adjustable)
  • Kick-In Rate for Advanced Modes (Adjustable)
  • Sustain Rate for Advanced Modes (Adjustable)
  • Shots Fired to Enter Advanced Mode (Adjustable)
  • First Shot Drop Software (Adjustable)
  • PSP Legal Mode (Adjustable)
  • NXL Legal Mode (Adjustable)
  • Millennium Legal Mode (Adjustable)
  • Three Shot Burst
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • More User-Friendly Software

 Additional features

  • Non-Battery Draining Design
  • Nickel Plated Solenoid Components
  • New Higher Max Rate of Fire Software (20 shots/sec)

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