Exalt Paintball Universal Feedgate

Exalt Paintball Feed Gate 09

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* The fastest feeding! * The strongest clamp system! * Rear lip feature locates pods when loading. *

-VERY easy to get the paint in. All you have to do is drop a ball, and it will fall in. You don’t have to force it like you do with a lot of other speed feeds.

-Does not wear out. If you have a crown, you will have noticed that it wears out after using it for awhile, and the crown starts to stick down. The Feedgate does not wear out, and it stays in top condition.

– Very strong plastic… Or grip… You can hold your whole setup by the speedfeed, and it won’t fall off.

– It does not spill paint.

Fits the following loaders:

A5 Loader

*Do not over tighten the clamp screw. Finger tight will provide great grip on the loader.

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Weight 5 lbs

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