Evil Omen 2.0 Paintball Gun


Better then it was before.
Better, Stronger, Faster.

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  • New larger trigger frame
  • Expanded LPC
  • Dual LEDs
  • Aluminum/delrin bolt – true closed bolt function
  • Expanded valve
  • No rise feed neck
  • ASA with gauge
  • 1.5 cam arms – force feed compatible
  • More precise and durable re-cock adjustment
  • Adjustable, electronic double trigger interface
  • Cam operated force feed, hence offset feed
  • Independent recock / reload assembly
  • Vertical regulator for velocity control and low pressure operation
  • 9v rechargeable battery with AC and DC recharger included
  • One piece 14 inch Driver barrel with two piece function – stiff arbor honed step bore barrel 0.690 ID first 6 inches then 0.697 remaining front
  • Tournament legal tail
  • Valve stem and stainless steel body
  • Barrel threads same as Autococker and feed tube threads same as 2k3 Piranhas, Impulse, Shockers and Bushmasters
  • 1.5 board – capable of 25+ bps

**This gun accepts Autococker threaded barrels**

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