Empire ZN eVent Paintball Goggles

The E-VENT™ Goggle is built around
the innovative Empire® goggle and
lens systems. With the Pro Player in
mind, Empire has added replaceable,
lightweight, foam ear-pieces, plus an
Empire® goggle strap and lens retainers.
The E-VENT™ comes standard with a
clear thermal dual-pane lens to have
you ready for any conditions straight
out of the box. Dual-material molded
construction means that this system
will go the distance without faceplate
separation and will never compromise
on your safety. The E-VENT™ Goggle is
ultra-low-profile, ergonomically designed
for maximum comfort, super lightweight,
and best in class for optics and clarity. Empire E Vents Goggles 2009

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The Empire® E-Vents™ Goggle System is a new, low profile goggle system designed to present the minimum target possible while being
soft and flexible for comfort and to help keep you in the game by glancing/bouncing paintballs. The soft faceplate of the “top model” is
re-enforced by a flexible yet strong mouth guard which allows the front of the mask to flex on impact, but stops full paintballs from pushing
through or lifting it up, and thus protects your lips and mouth.
These goggles have a special venting system designed to work functionally with the way you breathe. The mouth vents are located so
you breathe and shout through the vents rather than into a large mass of plastic or rubber as with other goggle systems. As your breath
hits the front of the mask, it either exits directly or is deflected sideways and outwards. There are specially shaped vents which take the
deflected breath and move it out from the face plate. These specially shaped vents project your voice and warm breathe out to the sides,
and not up into the goggle. As your breathing warms the front of the mask, it heats up dry air in the “demist guide”. This demist guide is
specially designed to prevent hot moist air from your breath getting through vents in the bottom of the goggle. Instead, the heat is
transferred to dry air in the demist guide making it rise and move up across the lens of the goggle. As this air rises, it draws in fresh,
dryer air from the back and sides of the goggle. This allows you to have a flow of air across the lens to help avoid fogging, while
ensuring no moist air gets from your breath into the lens area. Side baffles in the faceplate prevent warm moist air from moving up into
the goggle so your voice and hot air is expelled in the direction you want it to… out through the mask. The ear pieces are designed to
cup around your ears so your ears can sit in a very natural position and your hearing with the goggle on is just like it was without the
goggle. We didn’t put excessive cosmetic venting into the mask like many other companies do, because it wasn’t needed due to the
advanced design and to keep the smooth, clean lines that make paint more likely to glance off the goggle and to make it easier to clean
when paint does get onto the goggle.

• Empire goggles come with removable

soft ear pieces and an even lower profile

faceplate for the maximum reduction in

target, and ultimate “cool” factor.

• The lens system is a very advanced and

optically correct. Although, at first glance

it looks like a “flat lens,” it actually

changes in thickness to maintain the best

optical quality possible. The power imbalance,

which means how your eyes see

straight ahead, is 0.00 for both Spherical

power imbalance and Astigmatic power

imbalance (the value is so small it can’t

be read with conventional testing

equipment). What does this mean? It

means what you are seeing is really

where you think it is, so you can be more

accurate in your shooting.

• The lens is an extremely safe and quick

release system. It can be replaced in

seconds, yet is held very securely into

the mask and frame. Unlike other quick

release systems, the Empire E-Vents

lens fits in under the nose piece. This

means the nose area doesn’t deflect in

when shot, so it prevents the ingress of

paint into the goggle under the lens. To

further lock the lens into place, there is a

“tongue and groove” around the edge of

the lens and goggle. This prevents shots

at the edge of the lens forcing paint up

into the goggle and helps maintain a

high safety factor. The lens is held in at

the sides with very robust retainers,

which also hold the logos. This simply

pushes through the lens and the goggle,

then secured in place inside the frame

by placing the end of the strap clip over

the retainer and twisting down into

position. The added safety being that

you can’t have the strap in place if the

lens isn’t in the goggle properly. So you

can’t wear the goggle until a lens is in

place. It’s a very quick and easy process,

so you can pick and choose lenses to

suit your playing conditions.

• The goggle has the ability to add the

included visor or brow shield. These are

made of flexible material and are easy to

fit or remove without the use of tools,

and with no other separate small pieces

to get lost in your kit bag.

• The Vents goggles come with a high

quality strap with silicone beading to help

keep the mask firmly on your head.

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