Empire Ventz Knee Pads SE 08


Empire Vents SE Paintball Knee Pads 08

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Vents 08 Knee Features

  • Full Knee and Shin Protection. These are built for the guys who need all the protection they can get. Knee cup and Full shin protection
  • Increased thickness to our Molded EVA foam pads to help absorb the impact
  • Ventz the reason the pads have the name. We knew these things got hot years ago so we added ventz tm to keep the temperature down in there
  • Pads that slide up/down when you dive, drive us crazy so we added 2 new Velcro straps. One at the top and one at the cuff.
  • Gel bands on both cuffs to stop slippage!
  • Breathable Lycra Sleeve construction

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