Empire Trracer Paintball Pump Gun

Empire Trracer Paintball Gun

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Empire Trracer Paintball Gun

The internals of the new Empire Trracer paintball gun are compatible with the original PMI Trracer which have been proven for the past 15+ years.

When you take hold of the pump handle on the new Empire Trracer paintball gun you will feel the most comfortable and ergonomic handle. Those old days of struggling to pump your gone are gone for good.

Picatinny rails are mounted on the top of the Empire Trracer so you can mount all of your favorite accessories.

The Empire Trracer is compatible with either CO2 or HPA and will accept any Autococker threaded barrel or barrel kit.

With a retail price of only $119.95, the Empire Traccer paintball gun is affordable to any new player, pump player or anyone looking to bring back some old memories.


* 68 Caliber Pump Action Gun
* Empire Trracer Based Off Of PMI Trracer
* Internals Compatible With PMI Trracer
* First Strike Compatible Breech
* Picatinny Rails
* Cocker Threaded 14″ Barrel
* Works w/ CO2 or HPA

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Weight 3 lbs

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