Empire Reloader 2 Loader


Empire Reloader 2 Hopper with sound activated board and a new and improved look…

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What’s the deal with a sound activated loader? An optical sensing loader
“prevents” misfeeds while with the Reloader they simply don’t happen. While an
optical loader basicaly acts like a regular gravity fed loader until it senses a
misfeed and then rotates the paddle, the Reloader never waits for a misfeed to
happen. Instead it loads a ball everytime the marker is fired. Kinda make ya
wonder how you ever lived without it!


  • Magnetic lid, no more snapping!
  • Sound activated
  • Automatically adjusting sensitivity
  • Auto turn off after 30 minutes
  • Low battery indicator
  • Push button on/off
  • 10-12 balls per second
  • Holds approximately 200 paintballs

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Weight 8 lbs


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