Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader

Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader

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Paintball players at all levels use the new Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader. From Amateur to Pro/Tournament to Woodsball. All have one thing in common: WINNING! The Z2 loader continues the Prophecy tradition of reliability and performance.

. Continually monitors drive force, rate of fire, and automatically clears a jam
. The most advanced, easiest to use feeding system ever designed
. Made of super strong-reinforced composites
. No Tools needed for assembly and disassembly
. Sound Activated force feeding/RF (Radio Frequency upgradeable)
. Infrared sensors provide automatic ball jam clearance
. Low profile and lightweight
. NEW drive carrier for consistent and faster feeding
. Integrated one-piece feed neck for durability
. Simple ON/OFF toggle switch
. Includes built-in Rip DriveT System
. Push button Forward and Reverse buttons
. Capacity-approximately 200 paintballs

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