Empire Grind Paintball Jersey 06


06 Empire Grind Paintball Jersey…

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  • Day and Night styling.  Whether you’re playing
    indoor or you have a night game against Infamous and need every edge you can
    get.  We have you covered.  Empire is the first to design an outfit to
    help conceal in nighttime playing situations.

  • Silicone screened Empire logo on the tail of the
    jersey to help grip your harness and keep it in place

  • High output mesh venting on the chest and under arms

  • Micro-ribbed cuffs to easily slip over your Ventz
    elbow pads and gloves

  • Bottle Gripz silicone Empire logos on the shoudlers
    and arms.  Helps keep your tank steady against your shoulder

  • Built in reinforced elbow pads


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    Weight 10 lbs


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