Empire Battle Tested THT B.A.M.F. Vest

Empire Battle Tested THT B.A.M.F. Vest

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Heavy gunners or operators who need to carry everything to accomplish the mission and return intact need the new Empire Battle Tested B.A.M.F. paintball vest! Standard with MOLLE pouches, a MOLLE adjustable system, pouches to hold practically any size bottle and 13, (yes 13) pods, a hydration sleeve, D-rings, and a drag handle, the Empire Battle Tested B.A.M.F. paintball vest enables the wearer to accessorize and customize their loadout for any situation! Built for even the most challenging missions in scenario and tactical paintball games, the Empire Battle Tested B.A.M.F. paintball loadbearing vest stands ready for any tactical operation!

  •     Holds up to 13 pods for more shooting time.
  •     Built-in bottle pouch expands for larger bottles and has cinches to securely hold smaller sizes.
  •     Standard with Radio pouch, grenade pouch, ID pouch and a mag pouch!
  •     MOLLE webbing for optional accessories—carry your equipment your way!
  •     Standard hydration sleeve.
  •     D-rings for smoke or extra paint grenades.
  •     Drag handle.
  •     Belt loops to eliminate your vest from bouncing around when you’re dodging flying paint.
  •     Velcro nameplate, go bold, incognito, or just hilarious.
  •     Adjustable side and shoulder straps for a custom fit.
  •     One size fits most

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